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jay carney talking about exactly what the president is offering. >> here's a fact. the president has on the table a proposal that reduces the deficit by $4 trillion, that does so in a balanced way, that includes substantial cuts to discretionary non-defense spending, over $1 trillion, it includes revenue and includes $340 billion in savings from our health care entitlement programs. >> fairly unequivocal, isn't it? it's a mixture of pretty substantial spending cuts and tax increases. >> we haven't seen the plan. i haven't seen the plan. i don't think the speaker -- >> are you accusing the president of lying? is the president lying? >> where is the plan? >> is he lying? >> i don't think the plan's out there. i think jay carney might be but i don't see the plan. maybe they have a plan. >> jay carney is lying and he's the white house spokesman. >> no. >> they're lying, are they? >> i'm not saying that. piers, maybe they've got -- >> you just did. you just called him a liar. >> they haven't shared the plan with the american people. paul ryan and the republicans in congress have passed tw
orthodoxy. here is jay carney just a few minutes ago in reaction to those comments. >> some of the comments you mentioned are welcome. and they represent what we hope is a difference in tone and approach to these problems and a recognition that a balanced approach to deficit reduction is the right approach. it's the one most beneficial for our economy. >> reporter: the president's trying to take advantage of that different tone. he talked to speaker boehner over the weekend by telephone. and today you've had two business leaders, john engler, tom donahue, in to meet with senior white house officials. they're trying to keep this going. aides on capitol hill tell me no substantive progress in negotiations just yet. they're just now getting back to work after thanksgiving. >> how does that make you feel about the market? does it make you feel like they have more kum-bi-ya going on in washington, d.c.? does it make you more willing to invest? >> i'll tell you what. i saw spielberg's "lincoln" over the weekend and it was incredible because it reminded me how nothing has changed on capitol hill.
there was no protest or demonstration in benghazi. also at the white house briefing, jay carney seemed to try and put the focus on the investigation and not ambassador rice's comments. >> people are more interested in talking points for a sunday show several months ago than finding out what happened in benghazi, bringing to justice who was responsible, and insuring we take action that prevents something like that happening again. >> also late tonight, harry reid said the three republicans are politicizing the benghazi matter, calling it, quote, outrageous. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. the white house and congress have five weeks to keep us from going over the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. that would mean automatic tax hikes and spending cuts at the same time and an economists say it could cause another resomething. the president met with congressional leaders from both parties, but harry reid says there has not been much progress since then. mike emmanuel is on capitol hill. republicans are asking for changes to social security and medicare. any common ground? >> shep, in publ
be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. >> white house briefing spokesman jay carney was pushed for explanation. >> what your questions seems to suggest is that it is more important that i or others use talking point provideed by the intelligence community, than what happened in benghazi. >> a congressional memo by fox news said the al-qaeda affiliated terrorists were involved in benghazi and assault on embassies in yemen and tunisia. senior fellow suggested terrorist attacks on 9/11 were not isolated events but were potentially linked. >> bret: big deal. we will continue to follow it. thank you. congressional negotiations going nowhere fast, president obama is appealing to a different constituency tonight in his bid to back away from the fiscal cliff. we have fox team coverage. chief washington correspondent james rosen is at the white house to tell us about the president's return to the campaign trail sort of. but we begin with the chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel and another reason that the talk reconciliation so important. good evening, mike. >> good evening. t
reform off the table as a component to any deal regarding the fiscal cliff. listen to jay carney. >> we should address the drivers of the deficit. social security is not currently a driver of the deficit. that's an economic pact. while the president supports engaging with congress on a separate tract to strengthen social security, for entitlements we need to look at medicare and medicaid. >> joining to us talk about that and more is alan krueger, chairman of the council of economic advisers. can you help us interpret what jay carney just said? a lot of republicans have gone into this debate and discussion saying, you want more in taxes but in the same time we have to have entitlement reform. is he taking that off the table, mr. krueger? >> the president has pursued a balanced approach all along. he's had entitlement reform on the table. if you look at budgets, there are tough decisions there relating to health care costs, which are driving our deficits. additional revenue from upper income earners. >> medicare is still on the table when it comes to discussions about the fiscal cliff but
-- as you say, parrot. but she is like a robot. so is jay carney. they repeat what they are told and they don't exercise good judgment and ask questions, saying how do you know that? why do you know that? if they did ask the questions, we ought to know. it is not that they are bad people. but they don't have good judgment to ask questions. >> look, there are basically two ways you can perform in the government at a senior level. you can be the tool of you're bureaucracy. i have known secretaries of state that i would put in that category, or you can be a real policy leader that. frequently means, it inevitably means questioning and challenging what the bureaucracy serves up to you. but i think if you -- if you don't perform that role, then you are not performing to the expectation of being a senior official in the government. that's why i say, there are two basic philosophies of how you perform in government here. if you want to promote somebody who reads talking points, that's fine. i believe the president should basically get his nominee for executive-branch positions. but if t
, but instead she's a robot, so is jay carney, just a robot, don't exercise good judgment, ask questions, why do you know that? if the asked those questions, ty were lied to, we don't know. it's not that they're bad people, but don't have good judgment to ask good questions. >> you can be the tool of your bureaucracy -- i've known secretaries of state i would basically put in that category -- or you can be a real policy leader. that frequently means, it inevitably means, questioning and challenging what the bureaucracy serves up to you. but i think if you -- if you don't perform that role, then you're not performing to the expectation of being a senior official in the government. that's why i say there are two basic philosophies of how you perform in government here. if you want to promote somebody who reads talking points, that's fide. let me say, i believe the president should basically get his nominee for executive branch positions. but if that's what you want, that's the defense, as i just read my talking points, that's the way she'll be as secretary of state, too. >> well, maybe we should h
at the daily white house press briefings the past couple of days. the press secretary jay carney holding the briefing now. he'll face questions on whether president obama this is spending cuts should be part of that deal. he has previously said it was on the table. now he is saying this is all about tax hikes on the rich period. w-pd to thwhat happened to the spending cuts? we will have a live update from the white house a little later in the show. we will be monitoring this. another story developing in washington right now in a new round of senate meetings for u.n. susan rice. she is going back after yesterday, it didn't go so well, she is going back. she will answer questions about the white house response to the consulate attack in benge, libya on 9/11 of this year. many political observers think she is trying to win supporters for a possible nomination of secretary of state. she would have to be confirmed in the senate. senator bob corker earlier said miss rice's statements may prove she is too political. the meeting between susan collins, she expressed concerns too. she is not known
's listen to what the republicans are up against in the negotiations with the white house. jay carney indicated today what the president's stance is on income tax rates. >> i would say also that the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts for those making more than $250,000. he's made that clear. >> so, krystal, the rates go up. that's what it will consist of among other things. >> all right, unless of course they go over the cliff and they don't have to vote to increase taxes and maybe they didn't violate the pledge. in grover's eyes, they would be violating the american. i think what carney's comments underscore is how strong of a hand the president has here. not only do they agree with the reality that it will be republicans fault and that republicans set up this whole situation and that he has that negotiation of going over the cliff and the rates go up for everyone if you do that. he's been very smart about positioning this, too, saying you guys, we all agree on extending existing tax rates. let's do that and then we can deal with
, white house spokesman jay carney was noncommittal. >> you are not having any spending cuts now. you want to do spending cuts next year; is that a fact? >> no. it's not a fact. these are all parts of aspects of the conversations that are ongoing. >> some republicans are pushing boehner an other leaders to accept an extension of the middle class cuts to avoid the white house blaming them for crash over taxes on the rich. >> everybody is waiting for schedule to go up. unless we fix that paradoxically. president obama becomes defender of the bush tax cuts for 98% of the people. he is no such thing. >> the president is seething on the comments to say -- seizing on the comments to say he is optimistic about a deal. >> we could get it done tomorrow. >> budget expert erskine bowles said the opposite. >> i'm worried we have a possibility we could go off the cliff. that would be catastrophic. >> bowles said there is a two-third chance of us going over the cliff. though he said he still hopeful we can have both tax hikes and spending cuts to avoid that. the president said he is willing to have a fr
of mitt romney. the white house even has a new hash tag called #pound#my2k. i asked jay carney whether this is just a game of running out the clock until the real negotiations begin in late december. is everything just killing time until the deadline comes? >> no. >> it seems everybody -- >> it doesn't feel like killing time. >> killing time until the final week and the jet fumes of the airport and then everybody will sit down and hammer this out. >> well, look, here's a fact, the president has on the table a proposal that reduces the deficit by $4 trillion. that is substance. so he has not waited for people to start smelling the jet fumes at national airport. he has actively put forward a plan. >> the white house and republicans are ramping up their pr, something significant is happening behind the scenes. both sides appear to be preparing their own basis to eat their vegetables, if you will. in other words, get ready to make some sacrifices on sacred cows that are required for a grand bargain. for republicans that means swallowing changes to the bush-era tax rates and yesterday the f
the white house and aides to mitt romney have been fairly tight lipped about this. we saw jay carney the white house press secretary talk about this at the briefing. and the invitation was extended and it was accepted by the former gop nominee. he will be in town tomorrow. he'll be here in washington tomorrow to have lunch with the president. before he does that, he will be meeting with his old running mate, paul ryan, who is in the midst of all of these fiscal cliff negotiations. so it is a busy time in washington right now. and mitt romney will be coming right into the thick of all of this. but, you know, a lot of this is happening just as it seems the romney folks and people in romney world are trying to resuscitate mitt romney's image somewhat. you see stu stevens taking out an op-ed in the washington post just today, brooke, talking about how losing is just losing, and that it is not a mandate to throw out every idea that this candidate expressed during the course of the campaign, and it is not an excuse to show what he called disrespect for what he calls a good man. so we're se
from the white house, just moments ago. jay carney, spokesperson during the daily briefing here, said that the president has now spoken with the leaders, the republican leaders of the house and the senate here, you have senator mitch mcconnell and speaker john boehner, they all spoke with the president, over the weekend by phone, about the fiscal cliff. here's what jay carney said. >> forecast to be done, work is continuing to take place, the president spoke with both senator reid and speaker boehner over the weekend as you noted. he'll continue to have outreach with -- as he promised he would with various stake holders, business leaders and others this week. as well as conversations that are ongoing between his staff and folks on the hill. that will continue. we hope to see progress. >> and meeting with the leaders? >> i don't have any scheduling updates, but you stole my thunder a little bit, but, yeah, he spoke with speaker boehner and senator reid over the weekend and, you know, he will meet with them at the appropriate time as well as obviously nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. s
tactics to bully republicans into a deal press secretary jay carney today made clear where the president himself simply refuses to compromise. >> there are issues that need to be resolved that we have been very clear about, both the presence interest and willingness to compromise, but also his clear insistence that he will not sign an extension of bush era tax cuts for the top 2% lou: a congressional budget office analysis shows that allowing the bush tax cuts to expire on upper income americans would generate approximately $82 billion a year or enough to run the government for eight and a half days. eight and a half days. meanwhile, the list of republicans who are reversing themselves on their anti-tax pledges is growing. former gang of six member publicly broke ranks last week after fellow gang member defected from norquist in july when he agreed to a tax increases in exchange for a grand bargain on the deficit. the other republicaa gang member, senator mike ray powell reportedly indicated earlier that he is open to a range of possible tax rates. now senate is lindsay gramm, john mccai
the concerns. >> bret: jay carney at the white house today asked about egypt president, mohammed morsi and his effort last thursday. to say any order he is gives are not subject to review by egypt court. so far one dead and wounding 400 and n protests. and question is the administration response has been. you heard semantics there. concern or criticizing. >> yeah. almost, carney seems he would be relieved to be attacked by wild dogs. >> the white house was in a tough place because of the object of the arab spring and the middle east. we have rapid order with muslim dictatorship to have more anti-american notes than the previous egyptian dictato dictatorship. that is a real problem for the obama administration. the simple fact they have not been critical of a country where a guy who is a member of a cultish, theocratic quasi-fascist organization assumed the dictatorial powers over the country. they refuse to be critical because they helped with cease-fire and fight between hamas and israel. >> as you imagine, the republican push back on this, and the administration response was fast. john mccai
in egypt. that they think is the overall object i have. >> white house smokes man jay carney talked about whether our president has been in contact with morsi since this power grab move? >> we have been and continue to be engaged substantially with ee gicht as the process continues. when there are reasons to raise concerns we raise them. >> (inaudible question n. ( () >> he has not spoken with president morsi since the cease fire but if i have updates i will bring those to your attention. >> should we see this president reach out directly to president moresy to ask what are you doing? >> # president spoke on numerous occasions about the violence in gaza. he spoke with him before that and will continue to speak with him going forward. >> are these developments an issue for the administration. that's what the special report fanl it is talking about. he is saying yes it is. >> at the end of the day we are watching egypt and not even in slow-motion. rapid order turned into a new muslim dictatorship that will have moran tie american notes than the previous egyptian dictatorship. that is a real
jay carney. autoridades de texas recibieron una llamada y encontraron a 19 inmigrantes indocumentados centroamerican os hacinados en una residencia de houston. y el mismo santa claus, acompaqado por su esposa, inspecciono el arbol de navidad que fue plantado hoy en el cesped del capitolio, en la capital del primera informacion en despierta america ♪. >>> el dolor de las deportaciones se agudizan cuando sus madres son deportadas y sus hijos quedan en estados unidos, desde el otro lado de la frontera las mujeres pagan cualquier precio para reunirse con sus hijos. >>> hoy a la liturgia asisten 22 mujeres, algunas dan gracias, otras piden a dios una oportunidad para abrazar a sus hijos una vez más. >>> esta vez, las puertas se abrieron para 22 mujeres. >>> me duele mucho ,porque sé que mis hijos están allá (en estados unidos). >>> nayeli llego hace 3 días, en su casa en california dejó a 3 hijos, todos nacidos en estados unidos, su proceso de deportación comenzó hace dos años, cuando la detuvieron por conducir sin licencia. >>> me dicen, mami, cuándo vas a venir, y me
budget plan while speaking at a toy factory outside of philadelphia. yesterday chuck todd asked jay carney if the president was running out the clock ahead of the last minute deal. >> isn't everybody just killing time until the deadline comes? can seems like everybody is just -- >> they're not killing time to me, chuck. >> until the final week and the jet fumes, people get out of school and the holidays come and then everybody will actually hammer it out? >> look, here's a fact. the president has on on the table a proposal that reduces the deficit by $4 trillion. that is substance. so he has not waited for people to start smelling the jet fumes at national airport. he has actively put forward a plan. >> top republicans are saying president obama should be spending less time politicking out in the public and more time working behind closed doors in washington to try to hammer out a deal. >> rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties and working out an agreement, he's back on the campaign trail presumably with the same old talking points that we're quite familiar with. lo
. in fact, yesterday, during the white house briefing jay carney was asked specifically about what's happening with the fiscal cliff, and this is what he had to say. >> math tells us that you can't get the kind of balanced approach that you need without having rates be part of the equation. it's simply -- we haven't seen a proposal that achieves that. a realistic proposal that achieves that. >> and there you had jay carney yesterday talking about tax rates there. that basically what it comes down to right now, republicans are going to be forced into a corner on whether or not they raise rates, tax rates, on the wealthy. let the bush tax cuts expire for those who are making over $250,000. and democrats are going to have to come to the table and perhaps give in on entitlement reform on medicare, medicaid, and some of these other programs that have really been sacrosanct to the democratic party. >> and just very quickly, mark, we're seeing a lot of public rhetoric, but there are talks, negotiations going on between the staffs of all these politicians in washington. is that pretty much
entitlement programs like medicare and social security. white house press secretary jay carney said yesterday the president is open to compromise and should republicans make a realistic proposal on taxes, they will meet them halfway. >> math tells us that you can't get the kind of balanced approach that you need without having rates be part of the equation. we haven't seen a proposal that achieves that, a realistic proposal, that achieves that. the reality is, closing loopholes and ending deductions as an alternative to raising rates on the top earners, top 2%, those making over $250,000, sounds good, but you have to look at the actual contents of those proposals. >>> and a new poll shows the majority of americans do want compromise in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. 67% say a deal should be a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. and if no deal is reached by the end of the year, it's clear who will take the majority of the blame, 45% will say it's the republicans' fault in congress compared to 34% for the president. when it comes to the public's expectations of their elected leade
that if morsi does not rescind his new powers, the military will likely step in. the looming fiscal cliff, jay carney says everyone has expressed a desire to hammer out an agreement, but he did not give any details about the negotiations so far. the producers of "dallas" say that i are will be giving j.r. ewing a proper sendoff, they are working on the a way to write write the character off the show, after he died on friday. he had filmed six episodes for the season. move over, justin bieber, you have been overstepped. south korean rapper cy has been viewed more than 805 million times. bieber's video, baby, has only 803 million views. those are the top stories right now. >> shannon: something tells me the bieber fans are not going to take that lying down. >> reporter: i don't know. i heard they're a tough bunch. vinever had to deal with them. but it's interesting that this style is so popular here, shannon, because almost the entire thing is in korean. people have no idea what he is saying. >> shannon: luckily, we sweep that and i am interested in the mashup he did with m.c. hammer. >> shannon
by an on shraugt of neon sthraut of new campaigning. a look at the white house now where press jay carney just began today's briefing. he reiterated that president obama will not sign legislation that extends lower tax rates for the wealthy in particular. that comes as top republicans in the senate draws a line in the sand saying political ideology cannot rule the negotiations. >> the only balanced approach is one that includes real and lasting reforms. so republicans have stepped out of our comfort zone, we've been clear about what we'll do and what we won't, and yet we remain at an impasse. leading us to why ask why? because a vocal minority on the hard left continues to argue from the leaders of their party from the president on down that democrats in washington should do absolutely nothing about short term, or long term spending problems. this is the thelmand louise crowd, the ones who dream about higher taxes and bigger government it will pay for, regardless of the impact on jobs or the economy, or america's standing in the world. these are the ones who have recklessly ignored the fact th
that speaker boehner is open to talk about revenue entitlement reform. >> eliot: jay carney said the white house welcomed those comments and grover norquist tried to make light of them. >> some of them have engaged in impure thoughts. they have not actually voted for a tax increase. >> eliot: norquist drawing the red line of any revenue even if new funds came from closing loopholes and limiting deductions. >> if you do that, you've just killed tax reform for a generation. why? how do you get the rates down if you don't have the deductions in credits. what obama is hoping to do is raise taxes spend the money, kill tax reform for individual. >> eliot: meanwhile, some democrats would rather see the country jump off the fiscal cliff than agree to cuts in social security or other social programs. telling nbc news the cliff was more like a gentle slope and there would be plenty of time next year to mitigate it's affects if the deal could not be made. >> this is not an one-day event. thechy does not go into the tank on january 1st or january 2nd 37 all of the tax changes would be for next year's
's democracy? >> absolutely not. this is where this administration as we see with jay carney, and others, they not only have no comprehension of islamism, but they've allowed them to hijack the revolution, about the egyptian people, coming back to the streets to try to regain their freedom from an oppressor, the muslimists, worst of mubarak, because they're dictators on steroids. morsi is worse than mubarak. he's working with the terrorist organization hamas. people like mr. rehab and this administration don't have the courage to speak out against islamism, which many devout muslims do. many muslims on the streets don't want the islamists run their society. unfortunately we have people like you and this administration that don't have the courage to articulate liberty in the region, stand behind the people in the street, in front of them, and lead for real change. >> sean: is this period going to be viewed as the rise of the radical islamists, and under obama and hillary clinton, they are getting empowered by the united states? >> absolutely. we are completely useless. american soft power
would be investigating. so jay carney and others in the white house are trying to say, why what was said on sunday morning television which is not under oath and not out of the old or new testaments, why that's become rit so large and why we're going through this with someone who has not yet been nominated. that's all rather curious. >> this is why i wanted to talk to you about it. this is the thing that's so frustrating. there are real things to talk about here. why this attack was able to go so far that it actually killed the u.s. ambassador. in terms of susan rice's predicament here, is she essentially just being caught up in a proxy war? her role in this, she had nothing to do with the security matter here. the picking on what happened on the sunday show, is it a proxy for something else? >> i asked that very question today of someone who has understood these things far better than i. former top official both at the nsc and state department. he said he thinks it's a proxy war. maybe there's a personal issue between one or another of the senators and susan rice. she worked for john ke
to have her back. >> here's the thing. i think rice is saying as much and you heard jay carney say it today, they feel they did what they set out to do. they were not playing politics according to the president. susan rice was sent out to answer the questions. she was armed with the same intelligence briefings that these three senators were armed with and that's what she said. here's susan rice talking about that, as well. that is a graphic. that is consistent with what this administration said. when anything like this has the first reports you get out of any situation in a far off land from vietnam up to now are sketchy at best and they go with the intelligence they have. >> cenk: i hear you. i'm not sure it's her fault but i don't believe them. i don't believe the administration. i'll tell you why. the attack happens and they've got r.p.g.'s, it's a coordinated assault.i came on the air and said this is different than what's happening in egypt. they are not protesting the movie. it was fairly obvious almost the c.i.a. writes up a report that explains this is a terrorist attack an
reforms. >> bill: and privatizing social security. >> it was good to hear yesterday jay carney the white house press secretary, i don't know if you were there. taking social security off the table. it's not a problem. it hasn't contributed to the deficit. that's off the table. they're open to medicare. they've been open to changing provider payments which there is a lot of waste there. encouraging pharmacy companies to give medicare and medicaid better rates. those are all positive reforms. those are big savings. so we can take and find savings from the provider side. it is when you go after the beneficiaries that you run into problems but look, you know, romney ran an entire campaign hitting democrats for cutting $716 billion out of medicare. now they turn -- republicans backed that view we shouldn't touch medicare at all. now they turn around and say you have to cut medicare. it is as if the 716 debate we had for months didn't happen. >> bill: we know -- you know, the fact is the phrase entitlement reform, i w
others, 2.202-585-388 yesterday at the daily news conference of the white house, jay carney the spokesman there was asked about liberals who are advocating going off the so- called fiscal cliff. here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> he spoke with john boehner. by the weekend and he will meet with them at the appropriate time as well as nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. so the process that he began is continuing. recanting you to be optimistic that a balanced approach is achievable. we know what the solutions are. it was senator who said that in an op-ed, one benefit of all of the debate said we have had any discussions over the past couple of years is that we know what the parameters of a balanced solution for these challenges look like. and they include both spending cuts and revenues and entitlement reform. they have to have -- all three legs of the school of got to report of that. >> jay carney at the white house. was asked about the idea of going off the fiscal cliff. alan krueger, the chairman of president obama's economic advisers, he spoke about what would happen if we go off
i thought jay carney had a great point on this why isn't the president meeting with these republicans? why is he wasting time talking to real people? jay carney said let him say it. >> only inside the beltway do people think that -- sitting in a room for photo spray will solve necessarily problems. the work has to be done and that work is being done. >> bill: yeah, right. sitting around with the photo spray, the journalists -- the reporter's short hand for letting the cameras come in and get a picture of everyone and think that accomplishes something, it doesn't. it is a waste of time. any time spent with john boehner and eric cantor and mitch mcconnell, total freakin' waste of time. dan's in concorde, california. what do you say? >> caller: hi, bill. how are you doing? >> bill: good, thank you. >> caller: you're look great. i actually got up early just to watch you. >> bill: oh, my god. good for you. after the show you can go back and take a nap. >> caller: but i haven't got clothes on. >>
a ceasefire, so this morning not only are they condemning the attack but this is clearly unwelcome news. jay carney released this statement earlier today saying these attacks against innocent israeli civilians are outrageous. the united states will stand with our israeli allies and p - provide whatever assistance is necessary to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack. the united states reaffirms our unshakable commitment to security and our deep friendship and solidarity with the israeli people. secretary of state clinton has met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as well as a leader of the palestinian authority, mahmoud abbas. she is sending a strong message that they should be de-escalating the violence and also the united states' commitment to israel. there is also a hope that her mere presence there, luke, will dissuade israelis from launching a ground attack. so i think that certainly this explosion is being seen as a setback as secretary of state hillary clinton prepares to meet with egypt's president, mohamed morsi. luke? >> kristen, the president d
pledge against raising taxes and white house press secretary jay carney reacted positively. >> some of the comments you mentioned are welcome, and they represent what we hope is a difference in tone and approach to these problems and a recognition that a balanced approach to deficit reduction is the right approach. it's the one that's most beneficial for our economy. >> reporter: larry, what i would say is tax increases does not necessarily, despite the rhetoric on both sides, and especially from democrats, does not necessarily have to mean increases in tax rates. it is possible, if you look at the estate tax, if you look at the treatment of dividends, capital gains and carried interest and take a look at loopholes and deductions to raise a significant amount of revenue from people at the top without changing the marginal rate, layery. >> very interesting. we're going to have senator tom coburn on that very subject later in the show. many thanks to john harwood coming from washington, d.c. now, with everyone in washington talking tax hikes, whatever happened to spending cuts? that's
listen to white house spokesman jay carney he says things are moving along. they are very hopeful there is going to be a compromise. you speak to mitch mcconnell he says they are hopelessly deadlocked right now and a lack of presidential leadership is making it harder. take a listen. >> we have been very clear about both the president's interest in and willingness to compromise. but also his clear inchoice tense that he will -- insistence that he will not sign extension of bush era tax cut for the top 2%. >> we will wait on the president and hope he has what it takes to bring people together and forge a compromise. if he he does, we will get there if he doesn't, we won't. it's that simple. white house aides are pushing back on leadership question by saying this past weekend the president reached out to john boehner and harry reid to try to move things along and there is also talk that later this week there may be another face-to-face meeting here between democrats and republicans at the white house later this week, shep. >> shepard: republicans have long pushed for entitlement ref
. jay carney. >> some of of the comments you mentioned are welcome and they represent what we hope is a difference in tone and approach. >> stephanie: it's one thing to sound like your compromising on television and another thing to actually do something. nails it, nails it would you like the fun facts? >> absolutely. >> stephanie: the myth of the obama cave-in. i love john fugelsang but the joke he does about back ma makes folks scream. we disagree. >> liberals are allowed to disagree. >> stephanie: no we're not they're loud to do what i say. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: with the cliff looming, the president capitulated during the last tax cut fight. i'll read the cogent parts to you. >> she's on a roll. >> stephanie: i'm on a roll. when the germans attacked pearl harbor, i'm on a roll. obama didn't wave the flag in 2010. he turned a faceoff into an opportunity to enact a second stimulus that he otherwise could not get past senate republicans. his failure was that he failed to convey to the world that he jujitsu's g.o.p.ers. did i say that right? ok. >> jujitsu is different. >> braz
's unclear what the white house means when they say entitlement reform. jay carney made it clear what that phrase does not mean. when you say entitlement reform, does that mean social security? sometimes you've meant medicare and medicaid. >> i refer to health care programs and i think the president has long made clear that he is open to discussions about strengthening social security as part of a separate tract. we should address the drivers of the deficit and social security is not currently a driver of the deficit. >> they made that abundant ly clear. when they say entitlement reform it does not include social security and what they define it as. grover norquist is having to defend himself after several prominent senate republicans indicated a willingness to break his famous pledge, arguing republicans who agree to tax hikes just like they did under president bush. >> it is important that the republicans don't have their fingerprints all over the murder weapon, their fingerprints all over a lousy budget deal with tax increases and no real spending, just as happened to republicans i
at the white house, jay carney, the spokesman there was asked about liberals who are advocating going off the so-called fiscal cliff. here's what he had to say. >> rather, he spoke with speaker boehner and senator reid over the weekend. he will meet with them at the appropriate time as well as obviously nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. so, the process that he began is continuing. we continue to be optimistic that a balanced approach is achievable. we know what the solutions are. i think what was said in an op-ed, one benefit of all the debates we've had, negotiations and discussions over the past couple of years on this issue is we know what the parameters of a balanced solution to these challenges looks like. they include both spending cuts and revenues, and entitlement reforms. they have to have all three legs to be a part of it. >> host: jay carney yesterday at the white house when he was asked about this idea of going off the fiscal cliff. he has had at his press briefing yesterday thousand, the chairman of president obama's council of economic advisers. to talk about what would happ
cizilla, jay carney at the white house briefing has just said basically that this focus on the benghazi comments on sunday television some might call it an obsession seems to me be to misplaced. i'm not sure he wants it to be placed over the state department on why they didn't ask for more security before the events in benghazi. >> andrea, i feel like we're talking as though susan rice has been nominated. certainly the appearance by the three republican senators this morning seemed like a groundwork laying of, as you know, the argument they would make against her confirmation. but she hasn't. we know what we know is that the white house would like her to be secretary of state, is interested in it. we have president obama's very strong defense of had her at his press conference last week. beyond that, we really don't have all that much. i would note something and want to give credit where it is due, mark murray, the deputy political director, pointed it out, saw it on twitter, we focus on ayotte, graham and mccain but remember, democrats may not need those three votes to confirm susan ri
challenging day for her to be sure. >> absolutely. we just heard jay carney said he believes that there's an obsession with susan rice, which brings me back to the cia director at the time, general david petraeus. are we seeing an urgency to hear from him again, and did we see this same reaction -- you heard lindsey graham and mccain say they're more troubled now. was that the same sentiment after they spoke with general david petraeus? >> they are talking about the intelligence community sort of letting the country down both in understanding what was going on in benghazi before the attack september 11th of this year and how it was handled. there is this big disconnect that the most recent petraeus testimony after he resigned as director, he made it very clear that he believed from almost the immediate aftermath that it was a terror attack, not something that was a result of a demonstration or a spontaneous sort of gathering that went awry. they're trying to sort it out. a lot of what we see is there's a public face on this, and it has become susan rice for quite some time during the el
. white house spokesman jay carney. >> well, the president believes very strongly that the american people matter in this debate. because this debate is about them. the question of whether or not taxes go up on 98% of american tax payers is a very important to ordinary americans. it is not just a matter for discussion between the president and the senate minority leader. or other congressional leaders. >> brown: to that end the president met privately today with small business owners. on friday he'll travel to the philadelphia area to speak further on the issue. not to be outdone, house republicans said they'll meet with small business owners and workers in their districts arguing against the president's plan. in the senate republican my ontario leader mitch mcconnell dismissed the president's new tactics. >> as we head into the fiscal cliff negotiations, my advice to the president would be... it seems like our friends on the other side are having some difficulty turning off the campaign. we need to sit down and work this matter out. i think we have a clear sense that there's an opportunit
in on these headlines from harry reid. this matters, every word they say matters and white house press secretary jay carney was on the defense today. he pointed out as he had done yesterday that the president spoke on the phone with senate majority leader harry reid and john boehner over the weekend. and besides carney says, the president has to talk directly to the american people. >> it is vitally important that ordinary americans actively engage in this debate because the outcome of these negotiations and the hopeful product of these negotiations are the product that we hope emerges from these negotiations will profoundly affect their lives. >> so is the president, the missing ingredient to really nailing down a fiscal cliff deal? could he end the drama right now if he stayed put in washington and held a series of face-to-face meetings with reid, mcconnell, boehner, and pelosi instead of his planned meetings this week with small business owners, business leaders and middle class americans, not to mention a trip scheduled for friday to pennsylvania. a state he won by five points in the election, t
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